I am currently living in Prague, Czech Republic., surrounded by much history, and thousands of years of myths and legends. One of the most prominent, is that of the Astronomical clock. I first saw this feat of technology (by 1410's standards, and those of today) in 2014. In fact I even made art about it- check it out here

Today, I stand in front of the clock on the other side of experience. I often tell people the story of this clock, about its history and effect on the culture. I always say that the "grand clock show" is the second most disappointing attraction in all of Europe (after the Mona Lisa). The reason being it is very subtle and lacks the theatrics of what hollywood and Disneyland have made us become accustomed to. That being true, it is still well worth seeing- it was truly a marvel of technology of its time. It bought traders, tourists, and merchants from all over the region to Prague. Beyond that, it has existed, and worked, for two years longer than we have known about the existence of the Americas! Anything built with that level of craftsmanship and efficiency is well worth a visit. In fact, this clock has so much to offer, it is worth visiting twice. I say the first time you go, stand in front of the clock, watch the show and be disappointed (it will be great). Then, go a second time. Stand as I do, with your back facing the clock. By doing this, you can watch disappointment cover the faces of hundreds of people all at once. 

In this series, I am exploring the idea of unrequited expectations. Where we have no return on our emotional investment, or rather a return different from what we had anticipated. I stand against the clock, and photograph the faces of people as the watch the clock show. The collaged images above (a part of Ndino Ona Nzvimbo Yavo) are averages of all these faces stacked together. That is the physical manifestation of the average viewers excitement, disappointment, enthusiasm etc. During these photographic observations, I noticed both trends, and lack of trends. People often touch their faces (in contemplation? wonder? confusion?) they also laugh, or smolder. I decided this average is not a true average, that people exhibit their individuality without restraint or recompense. Thus, I have included the photographs of each individual below.

I will be continuing this series indefinitely. Keep checking for updates!