Using your camera on full manual setting
taking portraits using natural light.

JUNE 8th 10:00-14:30 $25 USD Gunhill, Harare

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This workshop is an introduction to digital photography for people that have a DSLR and want to learn how to use it better, or for people who understand the basics of photography and would like to refine their knowledge and enhance their practice.

We will discover how to use our cameras on a fully manual setting. Understanding aperture, shutter speed, film speed, and the mechanical workings of the camera. We will also learn how to use a reflector and a diffuser to manipulate natural light

It is necessary to provide your own camera that has the ability to shoot on full manual. Please let me know in the "message" section of the contact form if you are not sure your camera has this function.

Payment is in cash or via paypal only. Once you have submitted the registration form I will send you a payment link. Please note that your regisration is only confimred once payment has been received, and the workshop is only open to the first 15 people. Payment needs to be made before June 8th.

The workshop will be divided into four parts:

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What is aperture, shutter speed, film speed, focal length, and focus. How do you control them independently, and how do they work together to produce different types of photographs. We will explore the science and mechanics of how the camera works, and how we can control them to produce a desired result.

We will team up to practice the theory discussed. You will have the opportunity to control the camera (as photographer), manipulate the direction and intensity of light (using reflectors and diffusers), and have your portrait taken (as the model). Experiencing all three roles will solidify your understanding of how each aspect of portrait photography works together to produce the best end result.

After the theory and practice sessions we will have a break for lunch giving you time to discuss and reflect on the experience you just had. Lunch will be provided, and is included in the participation fee. Lunch will be a venison Potjie, slow cooked over coals and served with some traditional accompaniments. Vegetarian option is available only by request.

We will view and discuss the photos you took in the practice session. I will offer feedback on what was successful, point out how the learned theory was applied, and offer suggestions for further practice beyond the workshop.

Previous portraits by Joshua Strydom

About me (Joshua Strydom, I’ll be your instructor).

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, I got my BFA in Fine Art, concentrations in Photography and Printmaking and a Minor in Art History from Memphis College of Art in 2016. Since 2013 I have been working as a photographer and fine artist. I have photographed the Beale Street Music Festival (Jason Derulo, Meghan Trainor, Dan Auerbach, Paul Simon, Panic! At The Disco, Train among others) and for many publications, and private commissions.

I have exhibited in the USA, Zimbabwe, across Europe and most recently in Singapore for the Singapore Art Week being mentioned in the top 28 attractions in Singapore that weekend. My philosophy is to tell stories with my art, to use photography as a means of conversation using visual vocabulary. To do this you need to understand the tools, in this case the camera and its abilities. In this workshop I hope to bring you to a place of confidence with the camera in your hands; to help you to tell your own stories. This workshop is targeted towards people who have an interest in photography, but may not know how to use all of their cameras functions, or those who aim to gain a deeper understanding of how the camera works and how to elevate your photographs to a more refined and intentional output.

I hope to see you on June 8th, for an exciting adventure through the lens of portrait photography!