Ndino Ona Nzvimbo Yavo Book [I See Your Places]


Ndino Ona Nzvimbo Yavo Book [I See Your Places]

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Coffee table book of images and philosophical poderings, inspirations, and stories.

The process of capturing memories and contrasting varying visual vernacular is the catalyst of this work. Through photography and digital manipulation I have created collages of memory and visually represented the social normalities of differing societies, captured across a vast geographic landscape. Here we are able to walk the continuum of time and the evolution of memory, aiming to extend the two in a harmony revealed by representing the median: the average of our collective identity.

This book contains 42 pages of images and writings. Each artwork is accompanied by the stories of what inspired it, the questions it provoked, and a small part of the journey it inspired. It is my analysis of cultures around the world, identifying aspects of the human condition that hold us all together.

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