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Selected Exhibitions

"Friends for Life" - Memphis TN 2017
"Art For Elephants'- Memphis Zoo TN 2017
"Disappointed " - Alumni Gallery, Memphis College of Art, Memphis TN 2017

"One Beer, Home by Midnight" - Crosstown Arts, Memphis TN 2017
"Art For Elephants'- Memphis Zoo TN 2016
'If a Tree Falls'- Crosstown Arts, Memphis TN 2016
'BFA Spring 2016'- Memphis College of Art, Memphis TN 2016
'Capture Canada'- Memphis In May, Memphis TN 2016
"Symbiosis' Tsunami, Memphis TN 2016
'Out of Africa'- Art Village Gallery, Memphis, TN 2016
'Art For Elephants'- Memphis Zoo TN 2015

'Best and Brightest'- Diamond Gallery, Memphis TN 2015
'Best of Memphis 2013/2014’ – Memphis College of Arts Main Gallery, Memphis TN  2015
‘Nexus- Tsunami, Memphis TN- 2015

‘Intersections in Photography’ No Exit Gallery- Memphis TN 2015
‘In Focus’ Southern College of Optometry, Memphis TN- 2014-2015
‘Reborn- Art of the Homemade Camera’- Memphis College of Arts Main Gallery, Memphis TN- 2014
‘Self Portrait’ - University of New Mexico, MN, June 2014 *received an Honorable Mention
‘Best of Memphis 2013/2014’ – Memphis College of Arts Main Gallery, Memphis TN  2014
‘WILD’ - Brode Gallery, Memphis TN - 2014
Zimbabwe Art Festival- Harare Zimbabwe, 2014
'Photographic Discoveries', Memphis College of Art, Lower Gallery, Memphis TN 2013

Celebration International School, Harare Zimbabwe, 2012
Memphis College of Art, BFA Fine Arts
Double concentration in Photography and Printmaking, Minor in Art History, 2016.

Joshua Strydom

Bio and Artist Statement

Joshua Strydom is a cultural explorer and social narrator born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. He currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He has a BFA, Fine Arts, Photography and Printmaking double concentration, and Art History Minor from Memphis College of Art ‘16, and a Graduate Diploma in English Language and Communications.

Strydom uses Fine Art as a tool to bridge differing cultures, ways of life, ideologies and nations. His work explores the similarities and differences presented in opposing forces, and becomes the median to hold them together. His work has been described as "a conception of wonderful purity and intensity."

His work is heavily influenced by his African upbringing, both as a man of Shona and European culture. Strydom finds continuous inspiration in African Mythology and Folklore. The Shona phrase "Ndino Ona Nzvimbo Yavo" describes his work well. It has a double translation into English, the first being 'I see my place in this world,' and the second, ‘in doing so, I see your foreign places in relation to my own familiarities.' His work focuses on the investigation of selfhood and observation of ethos, pathos and logos. He has travelled across four continents, documenting varying cultures. Exploring the notion that the foreign enlightens the familiar, challenging the unconscious social and cultural reflexes that have become habitual features in our daily lives. 

The process of capturing memories and contrasting varying visual vernacular is significant to his work. Strydom utilizes printmaking, digital,  and photographic techniques to create collages of memory and visually represent the social normalcies of differing societies. He walks the continuum of time and the evolution of memory, aiming to extend the two in a harmony, revealed be representing the median: the average. He has exhibited, taught, lectured and presented in Zimbabwe, the United States, Central and Eastern Europe; and written numerous articles based on his art theories, philosophies and techniques. 

Artist Press

Review: The Commercial Appeal - June 2017
Youth Village Online Newspaper- February 1, 2016
Choose901 Blog- October 26, 2015
Commercial Appeal Newspaper- October 17, 2015
Memphis College of Art- October 15, 2015

Greater Memphis Chamber-October 14, 2015
The Memphis Zoo/ Elephants For Africa News Letter- October 10, 2015
The Standard Newspaper, Harare, Zimbabwe- April 16, 2015
The Standard Newspaper, Harare, Zimbabwe- May 5, 2015

Selected Publications – April 2015
Photograph, “Nyakasanga” published in eleven “Best of Photography Books” 2009-2012
Photograph, “Danger Point” published in nine “Best of Photography Books” 2009-2012
Photograph, “Furr Tree” published in ‘Baobabwe’ Magazine, 2012


Myrtle Powell Bowld Traveling Fellowship


Jessie and Dolph Smith Emeritus Award


Art For Elephants, Memphis Zoo, Memphis TN 2015
Contemporary Photography and Visual Culture Conference, Istanbul Turkey 2015
Celebration International School, Harare Zimbabwe 2015
Falcon College, Esigodini Zimbabwe 2015
Chisipite Girls School, Harare Zimbabwe 2015
Chisipite Girls School, Harare Zimbabwe 2014

Academic Articles